Meet the Beast

Alexi Gaulin in the Wild

Spotted in the wild.

In Canadian folklore, Alexi Gaulin [əˈlɛksɪ ɡoˈlɛ̃] is a Graphic Designer reported to live in Calgary, Alberta. She graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts (Formerly ACAD) in 2020. Though she has recently been spotted in Calgary, there have also been historical sightings in Coaldale, Alberta. Alexi Gaulin has reportedly been designing for four years, and is interested in digital design, print work, and has preference for typography-based design.

Likes: Typography, cats, fiction, and warm blankets.

Dislikes: First paragraph indents, tomatoes and cold weather.

Skills: Alexi is proficient in the Adobe creative suite, with Adobe InDesign as her weapon of choice. She has knowledge in typography, branding, information design, product design, advertising, motion graphics, user experience design, and graphic design. She also has basic coding knowledge (HTML5 and CSS3) and is familiar with the Wordpress interface.

Why she creates: In a rare encounter with Alexi in the wild, researchers had a chance to study the creature and ask why she chose design. She has been quoted saying the following:

Everywhere I go I see good design, for there is so much of it, and some bad design as well. The latter, surprisingly, tends to motivate me more than the former. Every time I see a bad design, I also see a multitude of ways to improve it, to make it into something beautiful and compelling. Design is everywhere, and I can’t help imagining a society in which everything has been created to have function, purpose, and beauty in strange and exciting ways, a society in which people can be inspired as I am every day by seeing the wonderful things others have created and by wondering how they themselves can be the maker of something that gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment. One of my favourite things about design is all of the possible ways a project can go. To be able to create something from the words “what if?” is, to me, both an adventure and a gift.